stats for steve9842007 (Show Dates)

SongTimes PlayedAs Percent of Shows with Setlist
Jerry Was A Race Car Driver2252.38%
My Name is Mud1740.48%
Those Damned Blue-Collar Tweekers1535.71%
Southbound Pachyderm1433.33%
Groundhog's Day1433.33%
Tommy the Cat1330.95%
Wynona's Big Brown Beaver1228.57%
John the Fisherman1126.19%
Too Many Puppies1126.19%
The Last Salmon Man1126.19%
Here Come the Bastards1023.81%
Frizzle Fry1023.81%
Over the Falls1023.81%
Harold of the Rocks921.43%
Jilly's on Smack921.43%
Duchess and the Proverbial Mind Spread921.43%
Rumble of the Diesel921.43%
American Life921.43%
Booneville Stomp819.05%
Lee Van Cleef819.05%
D's Diner819.05%
Over the Electric Grapevine716.67%
Sgt. Baker716.67%
Cosmic Highway716.67%
Pudding Time716.67%
The Toys Go Winding Down716.67%
Mr. Krinkle716.67%
Moron TV614.29%
Amos Moses614.29%
Seas of Cheese614.29%
The Awakening614.29%
Bridge Came Tumbling Down614.29%
Red State Girl511.9%
Prelude to a Crawl511.9%
Cocaine Blues511.9%
Tragedy's a' Comin'511.9%
Tomorrow Never Knows511.9%
The Eyes of the Squirrel511.9%
Buzzards of Green Hill511.9%
Mr. Wright511.9%
Astronomy Domine49.52%
Battle of New Orleans49.52%
Mr. Knowitall49.52%
Hello Skinny49.52%
Cricket and the Genie (Movement II, Oratorio Di Cricket)49.52%
Cricket and the Genie (Movement I, The Delirium)49.52%
Drum and Whamola Jam49.52%
Breath of a Salesman49.52%
Mrs. Blaileen49.52%
Electric Funeral49.52%
Hennepin Crawler49.52%
Highball with the Devil49.52%
To Defy the Laws of Tradition49.52%
Golden Boy49.52%
The Pressman49.52%
The Court of the Crimson King49.52%
Welcome to this World49.52%
Up on the Roof37.14%
David Makalaster I37.14%
The Green Ranger37.14%
The Seven37.14%
Thela Hun Ginjeet37.14%
Candy Man37.14%
Bee Double Oh Zee Ee37.14%
Riddles Are Abound Tonight37.14%
Extinction Burst37.14%
Running the Gauntlet37.14%
Eternal Consumption Engine37.14%
Hamburger Train37.14%
Boomerang Baby37.14%
You Can't Tell Errol Anything37.14%
Stayin Alive37.14%
The Trek24.76%
The Valley24.76%
Iowan Gal (Banjo)24.76%
Boris the Spider24.76%
The Storm24.76%
Behind My Camel24.76%
Little Fishes24.76%
Blood And Rockets: Movement I, Saga Of Jack Parsons - Movement II, Too The Moon24.76%
Nature Boy24.76%
South of Reality24.76%
South Park Theme24.76%
The Dream24.76%
Del Davis Tree Farm24.76%
Spegetti Western24.76%
Salmon Men24.76%
The Ends?24.76%
The Scheme24.76%
Is It Luck?24.76%
The Monolith of Phobos24.76%
One Better24.76%
Semi-Wondrous Boat Ride24.76%
In the Flesh12.38%
Hello Wonkites12.38%
Iowan Gal12.38%
Kazoo Jam12.38%
Hot For Teacher12.38%
Holy Mackerel12.38%
Holiday in Cambodia12.38%
Jam 312.38%
Jam 112.38%
Jam 212.38%
I Want It Now12.38%
One Step Beyond12.38%
Temporary Phase12.38%
That's Amore12.38%
The Air is Getting Slippery12.38%
The Heckler12.38%
Stayin' Alive12.38%
Star Spangled Banner12.38%
Sathington Waltz12.38%
Sathington Willoughby12.38%
Shattering Song12.38%
She's a Rainbow12.38%
The Hukilau Song12.38%
The Intruder12.38%
What Would Sir George Martin Do?12.38%
Wounded Knee12.38%
You Can't Kill Michael Malloy12.38%
We Supply12.38%
Vernon the Company Man12.38%
There's No Underwear in Space12.38%
To Defy12.38%
Toady Man's Hour12.38%
Toyz 198812.38%
Salty Dog12.38%
Russian Dance12.38%
Of Whales and Woe12.38%
Ol' Diamondback Sturgeon12.38%
On the Tweek Again12.38%
NYE Countdown12.38%
Moby Dick12.38%
Locomotive Breath12.38%
Los Bastardos12.38%
Lust Stings12.38%
Man on the Silver Mountain12.38%
Oompa Augustus12.38%
Oompa TV12.38%
Pure Imagination12.38%
Rain and Snow12.38%
Robot Chicken12.38%
Primus Medley12.38%
Prelude to Fear12.38%
Oompa Veruca12.38%
Oompa Violet12.38%
Pork Soda12.38%
Porkchop's Little Ditty12.38%
Like Fleas12.38%
Easily Charmed by Fools12.38%
Buzzards of Green Hill Reprise12.38%
Buzzards of Green HIll12.38%
Calling Kyle12.38%
Cheer Up Charlie12.38%
Cricket Chronicles Revisited: Part I, Ask Your Doctor - Part II, Psyde Effects12.38%
Coat Tails of a Dead Man12.38%
Bubbles Burst12.38%
Big in Japan12.38%
Ace of Spades12.38%
Amethyst Realm12.38%
Big Foot12.38%
David Makalaster II12.38%
Golden Ticket12.38%
Glass Sandwich12.38%
Grandad's Little Ditty12.38%
Hail Santa12.38%
Hats Off12.38%
Happy Birthday (to Skerik)12.38%
Girls for Single Men12.38%
Frosty the Snow Man12.38%
Ding Dang12.38%
De Anza Jig12.38%
Farewell Wonkites12.38%
Fish On12.38%
American Life (Banjo)12.38%
.50 Cal12.38%
Hawaii 5-0 Theme12.38%
Have setlists for: 100% of total shows seen by steve9842007 (42 of 42)
# of different songs played: 194
# of total songs played: 644

Top Opening Songs by Times Played
SongTimes PlayedPercent of All Shows
Those Damned Blue-Collar Tweekers511.9%
Rumble of the Diesel37.14%
Highball with the Devil37.14%
To Defy the Laws of Tradition37.14%
Southbound Pachyderm24.76%
John the Fisherman24.76%
Too Many Puppies24.76%
Amos Moses24.76%
Here Come the Bastards24.76%
Buzzards of Green Hill24.76%
Pudding Time24.76%
Seas of Cheese24.76%
Ace of Spades12.38%
There's No Underwear in Space12.38%
Prelude to Fear12.38%
Cricket and the Genie (Movement I, The Delirium)12.38%
We Supply12.38%
Buzzards of Green HIll12.38%
American Life12.38%
Wynona's Big Brown Beaver12.38%
Groundhog's Day12.38%
Thela Hun Ginjeet12.38%
Astronomy Domine12.38%

Shows by Day of Week:

Number of Shows by Month
MonthShows SeenPercent of all shows
Top Shows by City
CityTimes PlayedPercent of Shows Seen
San Francisco, CA1539.47%
Oakland, CA1128.95%
Sebastopol, CA513.16%
Berkeley, CA37.89%
San Luis Obispo, CA12.63%
Paso Robles, CA12.63%
Sacramento, CA12.63%
Santa Rosa, CA12.63%
Mountain View, CA12.63%
Las Vegas, NV12.63%
Los Angeles, CA12.63%
Santa Cruz, CA12.63%

Total Primus shows seen (22) by Drummer
Tim10 45.45%
Brain 0%

Shows by Band:
BandCountPercent of all shows
Frog Brigade0%
Holy Mackerel0%
Bucket of Bernie Brains0%
Electric Apricot0%
Fancy Band24.76%
Fungi Band37.14%
Duo De Twang37.14%
Claypool Lennon Delirium47.14%

Shows by Number of Times Each State/Country Played
State/CountryShows SeenPercent of all shows
Top 20 Venues of Shows Seen
VenueShows SeenPercent of All Shows
Fox Theater - Oakland, CA821.05%
The Warfield - San Francisco, CA615.79%
HopMonk Tavern - Sebastopol, CA513.16%
Great American Music Hall - San Francisco, CA410.53%
The Fox Theatre - Oakland, CA37.89%
Greek Theatre - Berkeley, CA37.89%
Vina Robles Amphitheatre - Paso Robles, CA12.63%
San Francisco Civic Center - San Francisco, CA12.63%
Hardly Strictly Bluegrass Festival - San Francisco, CA12.63%
Aftershock Festival - Discovery Park - Sacramento, CA12.63%
Fremont Theater - San Luis Obispo, CA12.63%
Harmony Festival - Santa Rosa, CA12.63%
War Memorial Opera House - San Francisco, CA12.63%
Outside Lands Festival - San Francisco, CA12.63%
The Fillmore - San Francisco, CA12.63%
Yuri's Night Bay Area - Mountain View, CA12.63%
Club Nokia - Los Angeles, CA12.63%
The Joint - Las Vegas, NV12.63%
Santa Cruz Auditorium - Santa Cruz, CA12.63%