Frog Brigade
Redmond, WA
Marymoor Park Live

Lineup: Les Claypool - Bass, Vocals, Sean Lennon - Guitar, Vocals, Mike Dillon - Percussion, Paulo Baldi - Drums, Harry Waters - Keyboard


Highball with the Devil
David Makalaster I
Lust Stings
Cricket and the Genie (Movement I, The Delirium)
Cricket and the Genie (Movement II, Oratorio Di Cricket)
Pigs on the Wing (Part One)
Pigs (Three Different Ones)
Pigs on the Wing (Part Two)
Holy Mackerel
Rumble of the Diesel
One Better

Southbound Pachyderm

- Southbound Pachyderm tease during David Makalaster I
- Jerry Was A Race Car Driver, My Name is Mud and Over the Electric Grapevine teases after Precipitation
- Jerry Was A Race Car Driver tease during Holy Mackerel
- Maple Leaf Rag tease before Rumble of the Diesel
- Ahh... The Name is Bootsy, Baby! and Tommy the Cat teases during One Better
- Stranglehold tease before Southbound Pachyderm