Les Claypool's Bastard Jazz
San Francisco, CA
San Francisco Civic Center

Lineup: Les Claypool - Bass, Skerik - Saxophones, Mike Dillon - Percussion, Eric Harland - Drums


We Supply
Tommy the Cat
Jam 1
Mr. Wright
The Toys Go Winding Down
Jam 2
You Can't Tell Errol Anything
Jam 3
D's Diner

- Gabby Lala sat in on theramin for Whamola and Sitar for D's Diner
- Fred Armisen sat in on percussion for Jam 3 and D's Diner
- A Passage to Bangkok tease during Jam 1
- South Park tease during Whamola
- You Can't Tell Errol Anything is instrumental
- Cygnus X-1 tease after Jam 2