Duo De Twang
Pool Deck

Lineup: Les Claypool - Dobro, Bryan Kehoe - Guitar


Wynona's Big Brown Beaver
Amos Moses
Over the Falls
Battle of New Orleans
Red State Girl
Bridge Came Tumbling Down
Bee Double Oh Zee Ee
Stayin Alive
Running the Gauntlet
Man in the Box
D's Diner
One Better

- New Orleans, Bridge, Staying Alive, and Man in the Box with Wiley Woods
- Red State Girl with Mike Dillon
- One Better and Hendershot with Mike Dillon and Skerik
- D's Diner with Mike Dillon, Skerik and Carly Meyers
- The Toys Go Winding Down tease during Hendershot
- Pink Panther tease during One Better