Fancy Band
Boulder, CO
Fox Theatre

Lineup: Les Claypool - Bass, Gabby LaLa - Sitar, Mike Dillon - Percussion, Jay Lane - Drums


Jam >
Hello Skinny
Holy Mackerel
The Big Eyeball in the Sky
Long in the Tooth
Highball with the Devil
Prelude to Fear >
Up on the Roof
Cohibas Esplenditos
D's Diner

48 Hours To Go

- Brian Haas sat in during Prelude to Fear through the end of the set
- Guest guitarist during Big Eyeball in the Sky
- Making Plans for Nigel tease during Hello Skinny
- Jaws tease during Precipitation intro
- The Beds too Big Without You and Rapper's Delight teases during Long in the Tooth
- A Passage to Bangkok tease before Prelude to Fear
- Granny's Little Yard Gnome and Jerry Was A Race Car Driver teases during D's Diner
- Glide tease during 48 Hours to Go