Frog Brigade
St. Louis, MO
Mississippi Nights

Lineup: Les Claypool - Bass, Eenor - Guitar, Skerik - Saxaphone, Paul Spina - Drums


Holy Mackerel
Cohibas Esplenditos
Shine On You Crazy Diamond
Highball with the Devil
Space Oddity
Cosmic Highway
Walking On The Moon

Jerry Was A Race Car Driver Jam >
Tomorrow Never Knows

- Mike Dillon on percussion during Space Oddity, Cosmic Highway, Walking on the Moon, Whamola and Tomorrow Never Knows
- Mark Sutherland (Malachi Papers) on sax for Jerry Was A Race Car Driver Jam and Tomorrow Never Knows
- Eenor and Skerik on kazoo, Les on Whamola with Wynona's Big Brown Beaver tease during Jerry Was A Race Car Driver Jam
- My Name is Mud tease during Cohibas Esplenditos
- Venus & Mars tease before Cosmic Highway