Wine Party 2014
Sebastopol, CA
HopMonk Tavern

Lineup: Les Claypool - Dobro, Bryan Kehoe - Guitar


Wynona's Big Brown Beaver
South Park Theme
Amos Moses
Rumble of the Diesel
Stayin Alive
Buzzards of Green Hill
Kazoo Jam
Bee Double Oh Zee Ee
Bridge Came Tumbling Down
Battle of New Orleans
D's Diner
Jerry Was A Race Car Driver

Cocaine Blues

- Gabby La La sat in on Rumble, Stayin, Hendershot, D's and Jerry
- Wiley Woods sat in on Stayin, Hendershot, Bridge, Battle, D's, Jerry, and Cocaine
- Tim Soya sat in on Hendershot and Bee Double Oh Zee Ee
- Bill Kreutzmann sat in on Bridge, Battle, D's, Jerry and Cocaine