Duo De Twang
Indianapolis, IN
The Vogue

Lineup: Les Claypool - Dobro, Bryan Kehoe - Guitar


Wynona's Big Brown Beaver
Amos Moses
Booneville Stomp
Bridge Came Tumbling Down
Running the Gauntlet
Buzzards of Green Hill
Iron Man
Stayin Alive
South Park Theme
Up on the Roof
Jerry Was A Race Car Driver

Iowan Gal
American Life
Battle of New Orleans
Man in the Box

- Reformed Whores sit in on Pipeline
- Dueling Banjos teases before Booneville Stomp
- Pipeline false start and Tommy the Cat and Too Many Puppies teases before Hendershot
- Enter Sandman tease before and during Pipeline
- Third Stone from the Sun tease during Jerry Was A Race Car Driver
- Silly Putty tease before Iowan Gal