Fancy Band
San Francisco, CA
The Fillmore

Lineup: Les Claypool - Bass, Skerik - Saxophone, Mike Dillon - Percussion, Gabby LaLa - Sitar


Up on the Roof
One Better
John the Fisherman
Long in the Tooth
A Shot in the Dark
Costume Contest
Buzzards of Green Hill
David Makalaster I
NYE Countdown
Octopus's Garden
D's Diner

Iowan Gal
Rumble of the Diesel

Encore 2:
Lust Stings

- MIRV sat in on guitar for Hendershot and Octopus's Garden
- Adam Gates on vocals for Octopus's Garden
- Voodoo Chile, Mr. Oysterhead, Highball with the Devil and Tommy the Cat teases during One Better
- Bed's Too Big Without You tease during Long in the Tooth
- Southbound Pachyderm tease during David Makalaster I