Seattle, WA
Seahawks Exhibition Hall

Lineup: Les Claypool - Bass, Larry Lalonde - Guitar, Tim Alexander - Drums


Set I:
Here Come the Bastards
American Life
My Friend Fats
Pork Soda
Mr. Krinkle
My Name is Mud
Over the Electric Grapevine

Set II:
To Defy the Laws of Tradition
Groundhog's Day
Too Many Puppies
Mr. Knowitall
Frizzle Fry
John the Fisherman
You Can't Kill Michael Malloy
The Toys Go Winding Down
Pudding Time
Sathington Willoughby
Drum and Whamola Jam
Spegetti Western
Harold of the Rocks
To Defy

Jerry Was A Race Car Driver

- Maurice Caldwell Jr. sits in to tell some jokes during Toys Go Winding Down
- Empty Spaces tease before Frizzle Fry

General Notes about this show:
Hallucino-Genetics Tour