Frog Brigade
Norfolk, VA
The NorVa

Lineup: Les Claypool - Bass, Eenor - Guitar, Skerik - Saxophone, Mike Dillon - Percussion, Dean Johnson - Drums


Cosmic Highway
Thela Hun Ginjeet
Calling Kyle
D's Diner
Holy Mackerel
Space Oddity
Lights in the Sky
David Makalaster I
David Makalaster II


- Ben Barnes sits in on David Makalaster I
- Wynona's Big Brown Beaver tease during Cosmic Highway
- Shag and Dueling Banjos teases during Thela Hun Ginjeet
- My Name is Mud tease during D's Diner
- Blowin in the Wind and When Johnny Comes Marching Home teases before Space Oddity
- Southbound Pachyderm tease during David Makalaster I
- For the Love of Money tease during Taxman