Frog Brigade
Boulder, CO
Fox Theatre

Lineup: Les Claypool - Bass, Eenor - Guitar, Skerik - Saxaphone, Paul Spina - Drums


Thela Hun Ginjeet
Running the Gauntlet
Highball with the Devil
16 Shells from a Thirty-Ought Six
Calling Kyle
Space Oddity
Cosmic Highway
Walking On The Moon
2000 Light Years from Home

Holy Mackerel

- Yellow Submarine Tease and Immigrant Song teases during Thela Hun Ginjeet
- Semi-Wondrous Boat Ride tease during Highball with the Devil
- Venus & Mars tease during Cosmic Highway
- Cygnus X-1 Tease during 2000 Light Years from Home
- Jerry Was A Race Car Driver tease during Holy Mackerel