Origin Story Show City Reference Song on Tape Start Time Stream
Amanitas 06/12/2009 Tempe, AZ Duchess and the Proverbial Mind Spread6:19
Barrington Hall 11/16/2002 Portland, ME Barrington Hall0:01
Barrington Hall 11/22/2002 Chicago, IL Barrington Hall0:05
Booneville Stomp 07/19/2009 Hampton Beach, NH Booneville Stomp0:53
Booneville Stomp 06/02/2010 Lewiston, NY Booneville Stomp0:51
Broken Arm 12/31/2002 San Francisco, CA Up on the Roof7:31
Broken Finger 06/03/2007 Philadelphia, PA Broken Finger Story0:01
Broken Finger 06/27/2007 Los Angeles, CA Phantom Patriot0:52
Bullet Mic 10/18/2003 Los Angeles, CA Here Come the Bastards4:13
Bullet Mic 11/14/2003 New York, NY The Last Superpower AKA Rapscallion9:23
Cohibas Esplenditos 10/20/1996 Portland, OR The Awakening5:35
Cohibas Esplenditos 07/09/2005 Lawrence, KS Cohibas Esplenditos05:14
Fancy Band Name 06/17/2006 Manchester, TN Lust Stings7:05
Filipino Ray 07/08/2006 St. Petersburg, FL Filipino Ray0:01
Filipino Ray 05/07/2015 Morrison, CO Too Many Puppies2:52
Frizzle Fry 10/17/1997 New York, NY Frizzle Fry2:58
Frizzle Fry 11/22/2002 Chicago, IL Barrington Hall0:05
Girls for Single Men 08/31/2000 Philadelphia, PA Girls for Single Men4:40
Golden Boy 03/10/1998 Rochester, NY Golden Boy0:11
Green Naugahyde 09/23/2011 Boston, MA Banter0:01
Harold of the Rocks 10/17/2003 Los Angeles, CA Harold of the Rocks3:39
Harold of the Rocks 11/14/2003 New York, NY Harold of the Rocks0:38
Harold of the Rocks 11/19/2003 Lewiston, ME Mary the Ice Cube5:35
Harold of the Rocks, To Defy the Laws of Tradition, Too Many Puppies, Pinstripe Man 01/30/2001 St. Louis, MO 2000 Light Years from Home07:54
Hendershot 09/05/1996 New York, NY Precipitation4:35
Hendershot 04/18/2002 Seattle, WA Hendershot0:18
Hendershot 03/10/2005 San Francisco, CA Hendershot4:28
Highball with the Devil 02/03/2001 Columbus, OH Highball with the Devil06:25
Highball with the Devil 07/05/2002 Mariaville, NY Highball with the Devil5:32
Highball with the Devil 07/13/2003 Lewisburg, WV Highball with the Devil12:53
Highball with the Devil 01/04/2009 JamCruise VII, XX Banter0:01
Hipshot from the Slab 10/22/2004 Denver, CO Hipshot from the Slab
HOINFODAMAN 06/09/2013 North Tonawanda, NY Harold of the Rocks14:26
Jerry Was A Race Car Driver 10/08/1997 Sunrise, FL Puddin Taine4:26
Jerry Was A Race Car Driver 06/12/2004 Manchester, TN Jerry Was A Race Car Driver0:11
Jerry Was A Race Car Driver 07/23/2005 Chicago, IL My Name is Mud5:57
John the Fisherman 11/15/2003 Upper Darby, PA John the Fisherman3:33
Kern Kern the Butter Churn 10/24/2001 Salem, OR Polka Dot Rose07:25
Lacquer Head 04/29/2000 San Francisco, CA Final Voyage of the Liquid Sky7:00
Moron TV 12/30/2012 San Francisco, CA Duchess and the Proverbial Mind Spread7:50
Mr. Knowitall 11/08/2003 Milwaukee, WI Mr. Knowitall1:55
Mr. Krinkle 11/24/2003 Syracuse, NY Glass Sandwich5:53
Mr. Krinkle 03/02/2004 New Orleans, LA Mr. Krinkle
Mrs. Blaileen 10/09/2010 Montclair, NJ Over the Electric Grapevine7:21
Mrs. Blaileen 05/16/2017 Morrison, CO Banter0:01
My Name is Mud 10/31/1997 Detroit, MI My Name is Mud0:01
Origins of Primus 01/30/2001 St. Louis, MO 2000 Light Years from Home07:55
Over the Electric Grapevine 10/30/2003 San Francisco, CA Banter3:06
Over the Electric Grapevine 11/19/2003 Lewiston, ME My Friend Fats9:57
Over the Electric Grapevine 11/25/2003 New York, NY Over the Electric Grapevine
Over the Electric Grapevine 06/19/2004 Toronto, ON Over the Electric Grapevine0:12
Over the Electric Grapevine 06/22/2004 New York, NY My Friend Fats10:34
Over the Falls 06/09/2013 North Tonawanda, NY Over the Falls2:38
Phantom Patriot 01/10/2006 JamCruise IV, XX Phantom Patriot8:12
Phantom Patriot 06/11/2006 Minneapolis, MN Phantom Patriot0:23
Phantom Patriot 06/14/2006 Chicago, IL Drum and Whamola Jam03:52
Primus 02/16/2001 New York, NY Harold of the Rocks0:10
Rumble of the Diesel 06/11/2006 Minneapolis, MN Rumble of the Diesel0:32
Seas of Cheese 10/31/1997 Detroit, MI Seas of Cheese0:45
Seas of Cheese 11/16/1997 Hollywood, CA Seas of Cheese0:45
Seas of Cheese 12/31/1997 Oakland, CA Groundhog's Day6:13
Seas of Cheese 11/08/2003 Milwaukee, WI Here Come the Bastards3:19
Sgt. Pilcher 10/19/2003 Phoenix, AZ Sgt. Pilcher
Shake Hands with Beef 07/13/1997 Portland, OR Shake Hands with Beef0:06
Shake Hands with Beef 07/13/1997 Portland, OR Shake Hands with Beef0:05
Skerik losing his sax 07/03/2002 Pittsburgh, PA Hendershot3:28
Skerik losing his sax 07/05/2002 Mariaville, NY Hendershot2:53
The Awakening 07/09/2005 Lawrence, KS The Awakening0:05
The Awakening 10/07/2005 Minneapolis, MN The Awakening0:29
The Last Salmon Man 06/09/2013 North Tonawanda, NY Duchess and the Proverbial Mind Spread7:27
Those Damned Blue-Collar Tweekers 11/08/2003 Milwaukee, WI Those Damned Blue-Collar Tweekers7:05
Tim in Primus 06/01/2004 Portland, OR Pudding Time
Too Many Puppies 11/15/2002 Burlington, VT David Makalaster I05:25
Too Many Puppies 05/07/2015 Morrison, CO Too Many Puppies2:52
Up on the Roof 06/18/2002 Minneapolis, MN Up on the Roof0:25
Up on the Roof 12/31/2006 Santa Rosa, CA Up on the Roof0:01
Whamola (Instrument) 02/14/2001 Boston, MA Origin of Whamola0:01